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Weather Graphs - Under Construction

Nedan visas lite vädergrafer som uppdateras och genereras kontinuerligt.

Rainfall graphs

Yesterdays Rain Todays Rain Weeks Rain Months Rain Years Rain
Rainfall last 12 months

Last 60 minute graphs

Windspeed last 60 minutes Wind Direction last 60 minutes
Rainfall last 60 minutes Temperature last 60 minutes

Last whole hour graphs

Windspeed last whole hour Windgust last whole hour
Wind Direction last whole hour Rainfall last whole hour
Humidity last whole hour Temperature last whole hour
Barometer last whole hour Temp/Dew Point/Humidity last whole hour

Last 24 hour graphs

Barometer last 24 hours Temp/Humidity last 24 hours
Avg Windspeed last 24 hours Avg Wind Direction last 24 hours
Rain last 24 hours Solar last 24 hours
UV last 24 hours Indoor Temperature last 24 hours
Lightning Strikes per hour last 24 hours Temp/Dew Point/Humidity last 24 hours

Last 7 day graphs

Rain last 7 days Solar last 7 days
Temperature last 7 days Barometer last 7 days
UV last 7 days Humidity last 7 days
Avg Windspeed last 7 days Avg Wind Direction last 7 days
Barometer last 7 days

Last 31 day graphs

Barometer last 31 days Barometer last 31 days
Hi/Lo Temps last 31 days Avg Windspeed last 31 days
Avg Wind Direction last 31 days Rainfall last 31 days
Humidity last 31 days
WEATHER TRIVIA -  Weather TermsDegree Day - Gauges the amount of heating or cooling needed for a building using 65 degrees as a baseline. To compute degree days, the average temperature for a day is taken and referenced to 65. An average temperature of 50 yields 15 heating degree days, while an average temperature of 75 would yield 10 cooling degree days.