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Davis VP2 Console - LIVE!

Följ vädret i realtid. Uppgifterna uppdateras var 5:e sekund och pausas efter 2 minuter. Övrig live data finns under väderinformation och livegrafer.

LAMPS - Backlight on/off
FORECAST - Open WXSIM forecast
GRAPHS - Open live graphs page
HI/LOW - Open stations record page

TEMP - Show 24h temperature graph
HUM - Show 24h humidity graph
WIND - Show 24h windspeed graph
RAINday - Show 24h rain graph
RAINyr - 1st click: show montly rain - 2nd click: show yearly rain - 3rd click: back to rain rate
BAR - Show 24h baro graph

Based on script by Axelvold's weather & Photo and Stenestads Väder
Modification by Weatherstation Pertteli and Särö/Budskärs Väder, icons by Sääasema Teutari
WEATHER TRIVIA -  LightningAt any given moment, there are about 1,800 thunderstorms happening around the world. Approximately 100 lightning bolts strike the earth every second.